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    Pinball Robot: Classic Pinball

    If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, then you know how pinball was all the rage back then. Arcades used to be packed with tons of people lining up to get a turn at hitting a pinball across a table with lights and obstacles. It was the equivalent of owning a high-end console […]

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    Give young lerners a head start in school with Learn By Fun

    Learn By Fun is an education app launched by Yogesh Dama and this app seeks to offer easier and faster learning for kids by combining 20 favorite educational apps into one single app.
    Offering repeated engrossment with the learning experience, Learn By Fun remains the most widely availed app for teaching kids.

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    Pocket fishing is an exiting fishing simulator for mobile.

    PocketFishing is an exiting fishing simulator for mobile phones and tablets running iOS. This free game has already received many praising reviews from real fishers for its fascination and realism.