2020 My Country Strategy Game App for Android

2020 My Country Strategy Game App for Android

2020 My Country Strategy Game App for Android

Step into the future and rule your own country in the app 2020: My Country

Take a step into the future and rule you own country in the app 2020: My Country, the addicting city building strategy game from the developers at Game Insight. Help build your country, earn money and protect it from crazy situations, all while having tons of fun.

After launch users are greeted by a beautiful country. The design of the app shows a bright and colorful scenery for players to move through and interact with. While in charge of your country users can keep track of things thanks to buttons for XP, energy, ongoing ventures, and more around the sides of the screen. In the game the objective is for players to tap around to build the biggest and best country possible. Controls remain easy as players can simply tap to purchase buildings to build, tap to collect money from them, and tap to build more.

As players add to their country more and more they’ll find that ventures can help make them even better. These small tasks have players running around their country trying to find items to complete what they need to do. From finding the policeman his hat, to helping a person deliver their urgent mail, the completion of these can result in being able to properly open buildings, earning coins, XP and even more.

But be careful because at times some pretty crazy things can happen. Random earthquakes, alien invasions, and other wacky instances can occur requiring all players to be alert at all times. In these cases users will need the proper people in their country to help handle the situation. With the right people and the right tools you can have yourself a great country that runs smoothly, in no time. Strategy plays a part as the construction of your buildings can be rushed with energy lightning bolts. With limited amounts, and a renewal of more energy over certain amounts of time, players will need to be smart as they decide if they’d like to wait or rush the process. All of these things help to bring users a fun game that always stays fresh.

Your country is waiting, build and play as you try and make the best one ever. With the ability to share your achievements with friends on Facebook and Twitter, purchase more coins and energy as in app purchases, and become the ruler of your own country, 2020: My Country is an app that people of all ages will enjoy. Available for free in the Google Play Store, 2020: My Country is compatible with both Android phones and tablets. (Required Android software varies with devices). This application is also available in the App Store for free for iOS devices as well.


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