3D Texting Live Wallpaper App Review

3D Texting Live Wallpaper App Review

3D Texting Live Wallpaper App Review

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Deliver your frequently used text messages to your favorite contacts with just a few double taps with the 3D Texting Live Wallpaper app for Android devices. MiaBella LLC brings us this nifty interactive 3 dimensional texting app which allows the user to send messages from their homescreen , and is suitable for both personal and business use.

3D Texting Live Wallpaper is an app, but it’s more like, well, “live” wallpaper that resides in open space on your homescreen, than an app in the conventional sense.  You can add your contacts and then can choose to use the standard “stock” phrases native to the app, or easily add your own whether it be “LOL”, “OMG” or simply “Still at work” everything is up to the user and you can store up to 400 of your favorite messages. Once established, you can rotate through the phrases and once in the settings tab you can customize settings such as color scheme, brightness, and rotation speed among many other settings.

The app comes in at five dollars; well $4.99, which may be a bit steep for some, but overall 3D Texting Live Wallpaper does offer a bit of customization and time saving text-personalization many avid texters and Android users have been clamoring for.

Android Market Description
Text message from your home screen with this new interactive 3D live wallpaper!

New! Send text messages quickly from your home screen through this interactive 3D live wallpaper!

This program lets you write commonly used SMS messages in advance and send them from your Android background with just a few taps. Load hundreds of messages that you would use often in your daily life.

You can still use your standard messaging application, and incoming texts go through that application as normal.


If the sphere is spinning, tap once on an open area of your home screen to stop the automatic rotation. (Tap once again whenever you want the sphere spinning in your background.)

Rotate the sphere by moving your finger across your touch screen until the target in the center of the screen is over the message you want to send. You can speed up or slow down the sphere’s rotation on the Settings page.

Once the message you want to send is targeted, tap TWICE on an open area of your home screen to select the message. Then, a new sphere will show your contacts. Follow the same process to select a contact to which your message will be sent.

Once the person to whom you want to send the message is targeted, tap TWICE to select this number. A screen will appear asking you to confirm or cancel the message. Check to make sure the message and destination are correct, and then move your finger rightwards on your touch screen to move the diamond from the Cancel button to the Send button. When the Cancel button is darkened and the Send button is highlighted, tap twice on your screen to send the message.

To cancel the message from the verification screen, move your finger leftwards on your touch screen until the Cancel button is highlighted and the Send button is darkened. Then tap twice to cancel. You can also just wait, since the message will be automatically cancelled from the verification screen after 20 seconds.


To launch this app from your home screen, press:

Menu Key → Wallpaper → Live Wallpapers → 3D Texting Live Wallpaper


You can write up to 400 text messages in advance. These would typically be messages that you would commonly use in your everyday life.

From the Settings page, hit “Type in Custom Messages” and a text box will appear. Type in one message per line, where each message can be up to 60 characters in length.

You can also load in messages from a file.


To use custom messages from a file, first type the messages into a text file where each line of the file represents a message. Each message can be up to 60 characters long. Then save the file to your phone.

There are many ways to create a custom messages file. You could use a text editor on your phone. Or you could type messages into a text file on your PC and email the file to your phone.

To activate your messages, enter the full path of the file in the Custom Messages box on the Settings screen. Here is an example of a file location:



You can load a list of the people to whom you would most often send text messages.

From the Settings page, select “Type in Custom Contacts” and a text box will appear. Enter one contact per line, where each line follows this format:

Name, Contact Type, Contact Number

For example, typing in the following would load three contacts:

Jane Doe, Mobile, 212-555-6543,
John Doe, Personal Cell, 202-555-7698,
John Doe, Work Cell, 202-555-7621,


The process is the same as for personalized messages: create a text file, load it onto your phone, and enter the full file path in the Custom Contacts File box on the Settings screen.

In the file, each line represents a contact and has the name, type, and number separated by commas.

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