4Karaoke: The Android Karaoke Player

4Karaoke App Review

4Karaoke App Review

4Karaoke: The Android Karaoke Player Android AppDictions App Review

Singing competitions are all the rage of reality television. This has led to more and more closet and shower singers building up their confidence and trying their talents on a national and even international stage (even in simply becoming a YouTube sensation up to the new Idol).

They say that the grace and glamor which the public sees has its behind the scenes and they are those which matters the most. For those who really are aspiring, or simply want to have a little fun, 4Karaoke, a karaoke player for Android devices should do the trick.

4Karaoke: The Android Karaoke Player Features:

4Karaoke has more than 60,000 quality songs to choose from. All of them can be tried as long as you would like. Play and sing these songs to your heart’s content until you become more confident, or laugh harder, at your singing capabilities.

To enhance the experience, additional features include:

-        Songs can be categorized into different lists which can be further segregated according to genre, artists, and other parameters

-        Songs are guaranteed to be of high quality because they were produced by the respective manufacturers who released them in the market.

-        Files are saved in MP3+G(TM) format to ensure that the lyrics fit well with the flow of the music.

4Karaoke: The Android Karaoke Player Design and Layout:

4Karaoke’s design is extremely user friendly and you will instantly notice the ease in exploring the app since the song possibilities are automatically arranged in alphabetical order. The design allows you to immediately play them upon search, which lessens the waiting time usually required.

4Karaoke: The Android Karaoke Player Value:

The app itself is downloadable in Google Play for free. It is only the songs which you choose to add that you have to pay for. The costs will vary, but if it is for the sake of improving your singing prowess, or some great group and party fun,  it would perfectly fit its purpose.


Android Description

4Karaoke Karaoke Player

Sing with 4Karaoke on your Android device. Over 60,000 high quality karaoke songs, these are not typical karaoke songs, they are high quality reproductions recorded in MP3 format with CDG lyrics, known as MP3+G(TM), produced by manufacturers with reputation and experience in the industry, created for the karaoke singer. Manage your playlists of karaoke and purchase the songs you need. Enjoy singing anytime and anywhere with songs downloaded right to your device.

Search quickly and easily with Quick Search Lists, select Genre, Artists, Top 100, or New Releases. Or you can browse the entire catalog by searching keywords.

Affordable karaoke songs to enjoy on your device, purchased songs are licensed and provided with price discounts on higher volume packages.

Need Vocals?
We provide a series of karaoke with LEAD vocals that help you practice and sing-along called “Multiplex”. Search under the Genre “Multiplex” to locate these listings.

- Manage Playlists
- Easy Account Management
- Google Play Billing
- Large selection of songs
- MP3+G High Quality sound
- Multiplex Vocals songs available
- New Releases every month
- Quick Search lists (Genre, Artist, Top 100, New Releases)

The App is FREE, therefore we ask that you review the program first before deciding on purchasing any credits toward songs. Review the catalog online at your leisure.

An internet connection is required to make a purchase and to download your songs. Songs already purchased can be downloaded again from the Claimed Song Summary list.

Visit, open a support ticket through the app, open the online manual, or email us direct at: Before purchasing anything, if you have any questions, concerns, or general inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us first. Please do not post questions in the remarks, ratings, or feedback as we have no access to your information and can not contact you back.

Karaoke songs are provided with licensing for personal use ONLY. All songs are provided from the respective manufacturer and distributed for download only. Performance/Permanent Download is covered under SOCAN, APRA, PRS, and HFA. 4Karaoke holds the right to refuse distribution if terms and conditions are not adhered to.

Requires Android:
2.3 and up

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