Thumb Up – Android App Review

Thumb Up Android App Review

Thumb Up Android App Review

Android AppDictions App Review

Thumb Up is a fun app which allows you to get together with a friend who also owns an Android phone and have a ‘battle’ of technical specifications.

It works by using the familiar ‘bump’ mechanics – that being when you hold your phone in your fist and bump knuckles with the other player. When you bump, the phones connect and compare specs such as Operating System (which version of Android you have), Connectivity options (WiFi, 2G, 3G etc.), Processor speed, Camera Resolution and many more. Whichever phone boasts the highest number of better components wins. Simple.

Thumb Up is a fun way of finding out whose phone is more powerful, and probably the best method for anyone who doesn’t understand a sheet of Technical Specifications. It’s a great app, but after you’ve had one battle with all of your friends there really isn’t much point in using it again. Still, it’s very fun and intuitive, and the results are accurate!

Rating: ★★★★

Android Description

s your Android Phone as powerful as you think when compared to your friend’s android phone?

Thumb Up app helps you to check out how powerful your phone is. Using Thumb up, you can compare your android phones with other android mobiles by a funny fight. Don’t stay wondering on whose phone is powerful, Thumb Up has the way to find it out.

This app comes with other utile and efficient tools like advanced task manager or task Killer, network traffic monitor or network usage and system info checker.
How to do a Phone Fight

✔ Get a friend who owns an Android phone.
✔ Download the Thumb Up app from the Android Market and install in both the phone.
✔ Login in a minute into the phone app using your facebook login.
✔ Click on “Start a phone fight! “on phone and BUMP it (slightly punch both the hands with the phone)
✔ You will see the fight result instantly

How it Works

As soon as you bump both the phones using the Thumb Up, Our app will compare your phone configuration such as android OS version, CPU, Storage, media and many other features and decides who has the most powerful phone.

★★★ Mobile Info (Config) ★★★

The tool is useful in finding out your system (mobile) information, the capability of your hardware and all available features of your phone. This saves your time from checking for these details by going to the Internet or Mobile Catalog.
★★★ Network Usage (or) Network Traffic Monitor ★★★

This tool will help you to monitor the network usage of your 3G and 2G usage. It will notify you when your limit is nearing to or going out of your limit. This Network traffic monitor thus helps your 3G bills to be under control.

✔ Ability to track network usage at set intervals (Like monthly, weekly or daily network usage)
✔ Supports most of the Android mobile devices.
✔ Network traffic data limit notification function.
★★★ Advanced task manager and task Killer ★★★

The advanced task manager or task killer helps you to save your battery a lot by killing all unnecessary apps as you wish. This is an highly efficient task manager which helps you to

✔ Save Battery life by killing unnecessary apps
✔ Will help your phone Free Memory,
✔ Helps you to monitor the running apps,
✔ Make your phone work faster.
Thumb up is a fun app with no string attached all the tools

We are planning to come up with lot more features in the future… START YOUR FIGHT NOW and do not forget to give us your feedback to
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Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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