A FREE lite version of ‘Chicks vs. Kittens’ for iPhone is now available

The makers of the top selling iPhone & iPod Touch game ‘Chicks vs. Kittens’ have just released a free LITE version of the game on Apple’s AppStore.

The LITE version contains 8 unique levels and a time attack mode to give a small taster of what the full game has in store.

The full version has over 80 levels, 4 time attack modes and features GameCenter leaderboards, & achievements. This fun arcade/strategy game is easy to pick up and play but a real challenge to master.

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Defend your nest against the relentless hoards of kittens intent on catching the mother bird. Her only defence is to hatch a variety of chicks that will do anything to keep her alive. Using your defences such as Rotten Eggs, Ninja Attacks, Sonic Squawks, Super Chicks, Throwing Chicks and even Fish, the mother bird needs to survive throughout the day until the terrible kittens finally give up the chase.

The full game features the following:

Try and survive the day from dawn till dusk, with 80 levels spread over four increasingly challenging worlds.

How long can you survive? Each world has a special time attack level where you fend off an ever increasing army of kittens!

Be the best and use all of your cunning tricks to challenge your friends and reach the top of the leaderboards. Master the game by completing 12 GameCenter achievements.

Use your skill to lay eggs,
assign chicks and collect your resources. Use your intelligence to plan your actions and make the best use of your available arsenal.

It’s simple to pick up and play, but once you scratch the surface there’s more and more to this game for you to discover. Getting through the levels is one thing, but getting the best score is a real challenge!

There are lots of different types of chicks available, along with various kinds of kittens. Not to mention the special abilities your mother bird has, such as Sonic Attacks, Rotten Eggs and Double Yolks. Defend her against the increasingly cunning kittens, who get ever wiser as well as seeking help from hideous Hawks and ‘orrible Owls!

It’s a real fun game to play with lots of surprises – just try the LITE version for yourself…

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