A New iPhone App Allows Users to Share Music and Live Bands with Friends

Music lovers have reason to celebrate with the new product just launched by AirCast Mobile called JamCast. One click allows users to record and distribute their iPhone videos from their phone all around the globe.

JamCast was created to allow musicians to keep in touch with their fans. It was also made to discover new bands and to allow fans to share their favorite performances with others.

With JamCast, users have the option of sending the jam recording to many receivers at once, including public sites like YouTube or from their private email list. It also has the capability of allowing the user to create and distribute their own videos from an iPhone, iPad2, or iPod Touch 4G. The process is quick and easy.

After turning on the JamCast app and recording, all that the user needs to do is to tap the screen for video posting. It can be uploaded immediately to YouTube or shared with anyone in a private email group. Public videos are automatically uploaded to AirCastLive’s YouTube Channel. They can also be uploaded to a user’s own YouTube page or to the person’s Facebook page.

A company spokesperson said, “With the JamCast iPhone app, bands can use the iPhone’s front-facing camera for posting video messages on their websites. It’s unique because it works for bands to send out personal video messages, or a recent gig to their fans, and for fans to record concerts and forward videos to anyone around the world.”

One JamCast Musician said, “I use JamCast all the time!  I particularly use the app to send out clips of our practice session to fans. They want to know what we’re working on, and this app helps us build and keep in touch with our fans.”

Besides recording and sending music via mobile video, it is possible to record anything noteworthy and worth keeping. Families often want to send videos of birthday parties, soccer games, and other events to grandparents who live far away. This can be done with the JamCast app too. Comments can be added before it is easily sent off.

Future plans for the company include the future launch of a cloud-based video distribution service called AirCastLive towards the end of 2011. AirCastLive will give users the chance to distribute their own mobile videos to 20 plus websites, to a social community, or to a new IPTV network. Amazingly, all of this will be able to be done with only one click.

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About AirCast Mobile: AirCast Mobile is a mobile media company based in Chicago. Originally founded in 2008, AirCast Mobile is managed and advised by a small group of dedicated mobile veterans who believe that mobile technology can truly change the world.

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