A Puzzling Adventure Awaits You in the App Doors&Rooms

A Puzzling Adventure Awaits You in the App Doors&Rooms

A Puzzling Adventure Awaits You in the App Doors&Rooms

Sometimes you just can’t question a situation but just have to buckle down and find your way out of it. In the application “Doors&Rooms” this is exactly what you must do in a series of challenging chapters and levels. Immerse yourself into beautifully designed themes and backgrounds as nothing is more important than finding a way out of the room you’re put in.

After launch users are greeted by the applications main menu. From this menu players can easily access a variety of different things. From other games made by the developers to each individual chapter of levels, in the center of the screen players can peruse through these by simply swiping from left to right. Time bonus, coins and settings can also be accessed from the buttons placed in each corner of the screen. The design of the app is very mysterious helping the app hold its puzzling and suspenseful reputation. If at anytime you’re ready to hop into the game just select a chapter and a level to begin.

Being trapped in an area is never really that fun of a time but in the application Doors&Rooms it’s quite the opposite. Players can instantly begin challenging their minds as they go through each level from the start. There are a variety of different chapters for players to select from. Each chapter contains its own different setting, a different scenery that helps keep the game both intense and exciting. Within each chapter are multiple keys or levels. Working your way through each levels challenges results in a complete chapter. Can you do it? When playing a level there really aren’t many directions to give. The objective of the game is for players to study the room and find a way out of it. In each room there is always a door. This door could be locked or disabled and by using the objects in the room you must find a way to unlock it and get out. From breaking a crate and using a key to cutting the wires in a correct order not to trip an alarm. Each level has its challenges and is really fun to try and complete. Doors&Rooms is sure to keep you entertained for hours!

Making Doors&Rooms so much better than other similar applications in the app store are its controls. By just swiping and moving your finger across a room you can look around. When you see an item just tap it to interact it. Accessing its features from the button on the top lefthand corner is easy and from here you can combine it with another item or even dismantle it to find something else. With plenty of levels for players to play right away, hints for when things get too challenging, and only more suspenseful levels coming with free future updates this is a game that you will definitely want to have on your device.

A puzzling game for players of all ages to enjoy its levels and many features are waiting to keep you entertained and having fun. Doors&Rooms is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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