aButterfly Fantasia Live Full App Review

aButterfly Fantasia Live Full App Review

aButterfly Fantasia Live Full App Review

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There is a multitude of wallpaper options for our Android devices these days. So many genres and themes to choose from, and with the advent and rising popularity of live wallpapers, you can find some real eye-grabbers from various categories.

Developer FlyingPigs delves further into the animal kingdom to bring us aButterfly Fantasia Live wallpaper for the Android platform.

No matter if you are in love with these winged creatures or not, it’s hard to argue that aButterfly Fantasia Live is anything short of captivating. The glowing butterflies glide effortlessly over a vivid backdrop of your choosing. You can easily customize the size, speed, and frequency of the butterflies on your wallpaper. Some hidden goodies and tricks include double tapping of the screen which produces the same animation, only in slow motion! A huge plus is that we are brought this great display all the while without being a drain on device batteries.

Unfortunately, there are a handful of devices which are not currently supported. We hope to see these devices accommodated in the near future, so everyone has an opportunity to stare at this stunner as their wallpaper. You can test the waters with the trial version of the app, with the full upgrade available for a reasonable $1.30 more.

We obviously understand and appreciate that this application is, well, a niche genre and a theme which will assumingly appeal more to women (nothing wrong with liking butterflies guys) but regardless, one can appreciate the sheer beauty and digital artistry found in aButterfly Fantasia Live. Butterfly aficionados or those simply interested in a spectacular live wallpaper should certainly give this a look. We have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

Android Description
A beautiful butterfly live wallpaper make your home special!

aButterfly Fantasia Live brings your Android device’s wallpaper to breathtaking life with fluttering, lit-from-within butterflies. These colorful, translucent little lovelies flit here and there across your screen, delivering smiles with their detailed, elegant animation.

Path : Home -> Long press -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpaper

- Double tap the wallpaper to take in the animation in graceful slow motion
- Get a glimpse of the Big Butterfly during an icon drop
- Adjust butterfly numbers to suit your tastes
- Customize colors according to your preferences
- Adjust the speed of your flutter-bys
- Adjust butterfly size
- Change settings for the Big Butterfly
- Custom background support
- Screen shot support

Unfortunately, we do not offer support for Eris, Hero, MyTouch, Moment, Samsung Intercept, or Wildfire at this time.

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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