Accept Calls Only From Your OnCall Contacts

Accept Calls Only From Your OnCall Contacts

Accept Calls Only From Your OnCall Contacts

On Call is a call filtering app for your Android phone that gives you the ability to manage your contacts and select the people you want to talk to. You can use this app to redirect all your incoming calls and messages so you can monitor your phone activity and protect your privacy with ease.

You can add contacts to the app by importing them from your phone book or by imputing phone numbers directly. Your contacts are then added to the app’s active contacts section which gives the app the ability to detect when these contacts call or message your phone. Only callers added to your active contacts list will be able to contact you. Additionally, you can add contacts to your favorites by making a selection from your phone book.

The app’s interface is very easy to navigate and provides you with an intuitive way to browse through your contacts. You can tap on any of your contacts and a context menu will pop up giving you the option to edit contact details and delete the contact from the app.

When an incoming call or message is received on your phone the app will automatically screen the contact and block it if it’s not one of your active contacts. You can view a complete history of your screened calls from the app’s menu and change your settings according your preferences. You can modify the alert tones, screen brightness and invite your contacts to use On Call.

On Call is free to download from the Play Store and will work on any device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or above. This app will be useful to anyone looking for a simple contact privacy solution for their smartphone.

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