Access and create your important documents on the go thanks to the app WPS Office + PDF

Access and create your important documents on the go thanks to the app WPS Office + PDF

Access and create your important documents on the go thanks to the app WPS Office + PDF

We all have a lot to get done each day. With people asking for us to do this, complete that and everything in-between, it can become a lot to handle. When you have places to go and things to get done the new app “WPS Office + PDF” is the perfect companion for fulfilling all your needs. Access and create the important documents you need all on your favorite mobile device, in one great application!

After launch users are instantly able to begin creating. From here the “home” menu is displayed where users can go between tabs of recent documents, open specific types or even create new ones. When users are ready to begin working with the application they can simply pick the document they already have created in the app or tap “new” to begin.

Documents, PDFs, and even PowerPoints these are the things we’re asked to create everyday for our jobs. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to be tied to a computer just to get our jobs done, well thanks to “WPS Office + PDF” you can finally leave your office chair behind. “WPS Office + PDF” supports ways to create documents, memos, presentations and even spreadsheets. Tap the “new” section and the type you’d like to create and you’re able to start creating. The app makes it easy to get started with something fresh from the get-go thanks to options to change fonts and other critical word-processing tools. Create what you want and share it how you want, work has never been so easy.

Making “WPS Office + PDF” so much better than other apps in the app store is the fact that it makes everything so easy to use. With a Google inspired design theme the app is comfortable immediately after download and everything is cleanly displayed for users to hop into. Have a document you’ve been working on on your work computer? No problem, send it to your phone and use “WPS Office + PDF” to pick up where you left off. When you’re done with your documents don’t keep them to yourself either, share them with those that need to see it thanks to awesome sharing options. It’s an office suite with tons of features and enhancements but most importantly with easy to use functionality. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office and Google apps, “WPS Office + PDF” is a must-have for your device, check it out today!

“WPS Office + PDF” is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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