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[MobilePRwire] – The Amazon represents over half of the planet’s remaining rainforests, and it comprises the largest and most species-rich tract of tropical rainforest in the world. If you never got an opportunity to experience the natural beauty and mystery of Amazon rainforests, despite your strong interest in nature and wildlife. Now you can indulge in the most amazing adventure of Amazon Rainforests right over your fingertips with Ariau Amazon Towers iPhone and iPad app.

Ariau Amazon Towers comes from the creators of the “Amazon Emotions” book. Author Francisco Ritta Bernardino and photographer Leonide Principe have developed this app to offer the right experience on your iOS device. Taking you through the various aspects of forests in the the journey, the app helps you discover a unique environment bursting with life.

Ariau Amazon Towers includes textual content,stunning visuals like vibrant pictures and high quality videos and sound effects which bring the whole experience alive . The app is composed as a book and available in 9 different languages including English, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and some more. This free app is a demo of the complete book which can be acquired through an in-app purchase for just $2.99 which is a reasonably fair price for experiencing the beauty of Amazon rainforests right on your iOS device. The app does not reveal its complete potential with the demo app, which comes with only 6 pages and one movie. This is quite disappointing for users who want to know more about the app before purchasing it or want to experience the natural beauty for free. The book also allows different page overviews for quickly finding what you are looking for and a bookmarking feature for pages.

Going through the app for a while I realized how humans have been disturbing the biological balance of forests with their activities and hence the real need to understand and conserve the most beautiful part of our nature arises now.

Overall Ariau Amazon Towers app is a good choice for travel and adventure lovers. Take a hands on with Ariau Amazon Towers and experience how it reveals the realistic feel of Amazon rainforests.

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