Ambling BookPlayer Pro Android App Review

Ambling BookPlayer Pro Android App Review

Ambling BookPlayer Pro Android App Review

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The advent of audio books has been a blessing to those readers, who either simply cannot find the time to indulge in their favorite titles, or simply want to give their eyes a break after staring at a computer monitor all day long.

Ambling BookPlayer by the developer of the same name is a solid player, dedicated solely to playing back audio books and nothing else. (Although there is a cool sleep timer available on the pro version!) An issue avoided with Ambling is this app is not designed first as a music/video player, etc. so it’s focused and well designed.

Ambling BookPlayer features a no frills and clean interface – which you would hope for from an audio book reader.  The intuitive controls allow the user to easily jump ahead at different increments with the tap of a button.  There is a ton of options to be customized in the preferences tab. And what’s really neat is a nifty stop and start feature which  saves recent stopping points to allow you to go back, sort  of like history in a web browser, to a spot your previously left off to begin again.

The app’s library stores all of your books and allows you to quickly jump out to the catalog housing available titles. Audio books are broken down into categories, displaying the description, running time, author’s name, book rating, and narrator’s voice rating. You can also listen to a sample snippet, before downloading the entire book. We appreciate this as many times, even a favorite story can put you off with a narrator’s voice which may irritate the listener like nails down a chalkboard! All of this is really intuitive, so we won’t bore you with too many details.

We found no issue with the playbook – extremely smooth and enjoyable. Listening through Bluetooth and the car speakers is extremely enjoyable – despite the strange glances from car passengers next to you at traffic lights!

Ambling BookPlayer is available in a free ad supported version along with the professional edition. There are thousands of great audio book titles that are ready to be downloaded for free – If you are an avid reader or audio book user and have an Android device, you should strongly consider Ambling BookPlayer.

Android Description
Relax and listen to audio books anywhere – yours or thousands of free books.

The premium player for listening to audio books.

Download thousands of free audio books from, or purchase best selling mp3 audio book titles, or listen to audio books that you already own. Never lose your place in an audiobook again thanks to the undo/redo bookmarking system.

Unlike music players which include audio book functionality as an add on, the Ambling BookPlayer is designed from the ground up to be an audiobook player. The Ambling BookPlayer offers unique features designed to make audio book listening easy, frustration-free and uncomplicated for everyone:

- Never lose your place again. Fully automatic bookmarking for every book, with a revolutionary intelligent bookmark history system that lets you undo or redo any change in your listening position. You can also view and return to hundreds of previous listening positions, effortlessly returning exactly to your past points of listening.

- Audio file management is completely automatic and hidden. All audio file transitions are seamless and invisible, and can even occur mid-chapter without you being aware of the transition. For books downloaded using the player you don’t ever need to know the names of the audio files, how many there are, or which file is currently playing.

- Enjoy content using familiar Chapter divisions, not arbitrary file limits. Navigate and track your current position in both the chapter and the book.

- The library provides an uncluttered view of your Books (not the files). It also groups books by Series, and plays the books in a series in the correct sequence.

- The clean interface is focused on audiobook listening. Quickly jump back when you need to listen to something again. Bookmark all the locations you want to remember with optional text or audio notes. Sleep timer makes night time listening easy.

- Finding and listening to good audiobooks is simple and easy. You pick the book and the player automatically downloads it from the Ambling Books site ready for listening.

- Use Bluetooth car stereo systems and Bluetooth headphones to listen and control the audio playback. You just need to have your phone in your pocket.

- Create multiple bookmarks to easily return to any place in the book. You can include optional labels, text notes and/or audio notes with your bookmarks.

The Ambling BookPlayer will quickly become your favorite player.

Requires Android:
1.5 and up

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