Android App Prevents User from Forgetting

[MobilePRwire] – The new reminder app, called n’4get Reminder for Android is out now! It assists the Android user by reminding about important dates, such as birthdays or appointments as well as everyday duties like watering the plants. Once installed it quickly becomes a usful addition to the Android System that one would not want to miss. n’4get Reminder comes with two widgets and is available for free with advertisements or as a Pro version without ads.

The new reminder app, called “n’4get Reminder” for Android is out now!

Once installed, the app quickly becomes a very useful addition to the Android system that one would not want to miss. It reminds the owner of things, that do neither fit into the calendar nor an alarm clock. Those reminders can be called instantly, or set to a specific date and are displayed at the notification bar of the Android device.

The app uses system notification sounds, vibration and the status LED for notification as well. Once triggered, a reminder has to be confirmed, either by removing it from the system notification bar directly, or by hitting the confirmation button on the details screen.

Birthdays are imported directly from contacts or phonebook, and show the age, this person will turn to, if that information is available.

What makes this app stand out are it’s homescreen widgets, namely the n’4get Reminder Bar Widget and the n’4get Reminder List Widget. While the Bar Widget gives an overview of the next reminder, the List Widget displays more detail and can be resized to use the valuable homescreen space efficiently. It also allows for the use of multiple widgets on the same screen, each holding another reminder group, such as birthdays.

All reminders can be put into groups, to keep everything organized, even with a growing number of entries. These groups are displayed separately in the list or the widget.

There are different color icons available in form of a thinking bubble. that can be used to differentiate reminders. While active, this bubble is showing a heartbeat animation on the details screen.

n’4get Reminder comes in two versions. The free version displays advertisements and requires the permission to use the internet connection. The paid version is ad free and costs 0,99 USD. Both versions are available for download on the Google Play Store. They will also be on the Amazon App Store shortly.

Christoph Schmoliner is a single software developer. He has been bringing out free- and shareware for more than a decade and is now concentrating on Android apps.

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