Angry Poo Space Android Arcade Game App


Conquer the Poo Flinging Adventure in Angry Poo Space Android App

Angry Poo Space is an arcade game for Android and the sequel to the original “Angry Poo Game”. The game has been redesigned and taken to the outer space for yet another poo flinging adventure, this time on the planet of Poo-Topia. Using your superpowers, your goal is to get rid of King Loo and his Toilet Army and reclaim Poo-Topia once and for all.

The game starts off with a hilariously voiced over animation showing pieces of poo flying through space then being chased by the toilets. A short text at the bottom then scrolls across the screen with a narrative saying “the poos escaped earth and heads for planet pootipa! Little did they know king loo had other plans for them!!”


Following the intro you are presented with a screen showing all the levels and worlds you can play through. Each world comes with 9 levels, the first one being Moon Me, and then Poo on Mars, Jupootar, and finally the not-so-subtly named Escape from Uranus. Just from the level names alone it’s quite clear that this isn’t the kind of game you play if you’re looking for a serious, technical arcade game, but rather one you play to get a good laugh out of.

The same goes with the user interface which is basically a parody of the popular Angry Birds design. From the controls, to the way the levels are set up, this game is very easy to play if your already familiar the Angry Birds style. While it doesn’t have nearly as many levels as its more popular big brother, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in replay value.

Angry Poo Space is free to download from the Google Play Store and requires Android OS 2.2 or above.


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  • Facebook User

    Such a cool app!!! Aaaangry Pooooo. So funny! XD

  • Jason Keith

    the graphic need improvement

  • Nix

    Hello, Angry Poo Space creator here. I’m sorry your think the graphics are crap, but well… They are! And if you’ve ever spent hours and hours making animated Poo characters in your “free time”…. You eventually start asking yourself how crazy you really are.
    The point of the game was only to get laughs. If you even giggled and only laughed at whoever the guy was that made this game, ME, then success! If there’s an artist out there wanting to redo my poo art to make a more realistic and HD cast, let me know!

    However, I believe that Angry Poo Space was probably the most successful thing I’ll ever do in this life. It’s all down hill from here…. It was fun to be on top, (or bottom….bad joke) while it lasted!