Are You Ready for Fierce Battles with Dragons?

[MobilePRwire] – Lead your dragons in any challenge! Ruthless and powerful enemies await your demise. After a victory, tamed dragons might submit to your command, joining you as you venture further into the game. Find the secret of a hidden scene, full of astounding prizes! Be brave in a daily activity that requires you to go through a series of challenges. Dare to get into PVP combats and win medals and honor by defeating others.

Journey through a game where strategy is everything! Only the bravest players will win.

Haypi Dragon, with its intriguing battles has captivated almost a million fans to date. This FREE application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) created by the makers of the popular Haypi Kingdom, a strategy game with a remarkable success.

Your aim is to drive away enemy dragons that have been destroying Haypi Town. In order to defeat the attackers, you must train your dragon and unleash the powers of your magic crystals. Your loyal dragon Roco accompanies you as you set foot into the Ancient Forest.

The six scenes which the game contains are very unique and thrilling. And there is a hidden scene, which is mysterious…and full of astounding prizes! I won’t tell you about it! You have to find it on your own! You will have a clue to it if you collect all the pieces of an ancient treasure map.

Your progress in the game depends on how clever you, as a dragon trainer, are at selecting the best attack methods. The deeper you progress, the more powerful enemies you will encounter.

Six ruthless and powerful bosses hide in the wilderness and await your demise. Each one is a skilled master with a set of unique abilities. Sometimes you won’t be able to handle a boss alone. Don’t worry! You can team up with up to three other players in order to take down a boss! After a victory, tamed bosses might become your new dragons, joining you as you venture further into the game.

Players who dare to get into PVP combats can win medals and honor by defeating others. But beware! Rival players will not be matched by level—here is where the strong conquer the weak.

You can also visit a daily activity that requires you to go through a series of challenges: the Secret of the Tree. After completing each challenge, you will ascend to the next branch of the tree. It is very exciting but risky, because if you are defeated before you collect your prices, you lose everything! However, if you can fight your way up to your highest obtainable level, you will unveil a mystery.

Your dragons await your orders and they will follow you in your quest. Be adventuresome and lead them! Don’t resist the allurements, download Haypi Dragon today!

Haypi Inc. a private company founded in 2008 and based in China. Haypi Inc. is the creator of Haypi Kingdom, a game which has had a remarkable success. Our newest game is Haypi Dragon 1.3 and it already has numerous fans all over the world.

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