Audiobooks Now Android App Review

Audiobooks Now Android App Review

Audiobooks Now Android App Review

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If you enjoy reading but don’t have as much free time as you’d like to have to read due to a long commute or simply don’t want to strain your eyes any longer after a day in front of the computer, audio books are a great option, and Audiobooks Now for Android devices is a great mobile application.

Audiobooks Now is brought to us by which is a low cost solution featuring a diverse collection – think Netflix for audio books. Users can choose to purchase books one at a time, or bookworms can take advantage of all-you-can-read monthly subscription for a mere $5.

There tends to be a bit of a lag between screens and the app seems to get bogged down at times, so we’d like to see this corrected by the developer. Audio Books Now is also competing with a couple of big players in this field so we would also like to see the book titles continue to grow, but we can see good things ahead for Audio Books Now and price point make this app attractive.

Audiobooks Now sports a clean, easy to navigate interface, and overall is a well made, free app and could be the ideal solution to get you back to reading, and listening, to books again on your Android device.

Android Description
Audio Book Downloads for Less!

If you love listing to audiobooks and saving money, this app is for you.

AudiobooksNow is the premier app for purchasing, downloading, and listing to audiobooks on your Android device. Users can purchase and download audiobooks a-la-carte, or only pay $5/month to receive deeply discounted club pricing on an unlimited number of audiobook downloads (30 day free trial).

Developed by, the leading online book and audiobook rental service, the AudiobooksNow app is the latest addition to the Booksfree community of services aimed at delivering reading and listing material in the most convenient and cost effective way to both avid and casual readers/listeners.

The AudiobooksNow app is simply the most convenient way to get the audiobooks you want at the lowest prices. If you are already a member of, you automatically qualify for the discounted club pricing at no additional charge (a $5/month savings). Anyone who is not a Booksfree member can sign up for a 30 day free trial to the Club Pricing Plan.

AudiobooksNow a-la-carte pricing is already the lowest around, and the AudiobooksNow discounted club pricing is even lower. So what are you waiting for, the AudiobooksNow app is free. Install it now and start listening to audiobooks and saving money today!

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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