Automatic Update Deployment Service for non-Market Android Apps

[MobilePRwire] – Imagine a large company with inventory tracking or data collection software, or a small company with a beta version of their new application. They all face the same problem: in-house applications require periodic updates, but cannot be distributed on Android Market. AutoUpdateAPK takes care of this problem. One small open source java class included into your project, and the application will automatically check if there’s a new version and ask the user to update.

Here’s a situation we had a few weeks before. Our company employs people who use Android devices to collect and send some information back to us. They use our proprietary software, which is not available on the Market. That people don’t come to the office often. They might be on the other side of the globe.

Time passes, bugs appear and get fixed, requirements change. Occasionally we need to deploy software updates. Before we had AutoUpdateAPK, we might have had to contact HR office, get phone numbers, call the people, beg them to update, then call again and remind, and maybe within a week the new version gets installed.

What do we do now? A few mouse clicks, upload and forget. Eventually, everyone gets connected to the internet and receives the update. All this absolutely without our direct participation. We might not even know exactly how many devices are out there, but we are sure they all get fresh versions in time.

AutoUpdateAPK is a project of Server PRO, small international startup based in Fukuoka, JAPAN and specializing in writing embedded/mobile applications as well as in hardware design.

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