BingoFind a Simple Word Search Game for Android

BingoFind a Simple Word Search Game for Android

BingoFind a Simple Word Search Game for Android

“BingoFind: The Words” is a puzzle game that will have players racing against the clock! In the game players try to see just how many words they can find on a board before time runs out.

Simple rules and design allow all players to focus on the game and increasing their scores. After launch players are greeted by the main menu where you can either start a “New Game”, see “High Scores” or “Exit” the app. The clean layout enables every user to see everything clearly and enjoy the game.

After starting a game, players are greeted by a new screen formatted with a menu button in the upper left hand corner, while a timer and scoreboard lie on the upper right. In the center of the screen lies a 5×5 board of scattered letters. Playing is easy as you simply drag your finger across the letters to spell out words. The catch is that in order to spell a word, the letters must be touching. As you finish words, it will tell you if the word is correct or not on the bottom of the screen. The game ends after three minutes, where you then enter your name and submit your score to the high-score list.

This game is fun and easy for anyone to pick up. Also a great way to exercise your brain, finding words while the clock ticks will also leave you addicted; wanting to improve your score every time.

“BingoFind: The Words” is a great app for when you’re bored or just looking for a challenge. Available in the Google Play store for free, and compatible with all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up, this is a cool app to go and check out. More info on the app can be found on


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