blueHula Studios Releases Soda Timer for iPhone and iPod Touch

Soda-Saving/Freezer-Protecting App now available in Apple’s App Store.

blueHula Studios today announced Soda Timer, is now available exclusively for iPhone, and iPod Touch. A follow-up to blueHula’s hugely popular Beer Timer app, Soda Timer was developed for anyone who has ever thought it was a good idea to put a soda in the freezer to cool it down, and then forgotten about it. Soda Timer alerts iPhone and iPod Touch users their soda is in the freezer, ready to drink, and most importantly, before it explodes.

“Our goal was to stop people from exploding forgotten soda in their freezer,” said Craig VanderZwaag, Soda Timer’s developer. “We had such great feedback from users of Beer Timer, that creating the same tool for soda was a natural progression.”

Soda Timer considers the size of the soda, and the container type. “We spent quite a bit of time testing,” said VanderZwaag. “Once we got some data about how quickly each size of soda cools from room temperature to it’s optimum drinking temperature, we were able to determine exactly how long a soda should be in the freezer.”

Soda Timer’s users input the the size of the soda and what container its in, and the app figures how long the soda should be in the freezer. “Everyone has put a soda in the freezer and either had to guess when it was cold or forgot it all together,” said VanderZwaag. “Our users get reminded their soda is in the freezer at the perfect drinking temperature and most importantly before the soda explodes.”

Soda Timer is now available for free in the U.S. and in metric units around the world. Soda Timer is available world-wide from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch or by visiting Please visit for more Soda Timer information, including video and screenshots of the app.

blueHula Studios is an independent iOS development studio based out of Arroyo Grande California and was formed in 2010 by Craig VanderZwaag for the purpose of creating fun and helpful applications for the iPhone and iPad.

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