Bring your Android to life with exciting high-quality Ultra HD Video wallpapers

Bring your Android to life with exciting high-quality Ultra HD Video wallpapers

Bring your Android to life with exciting high-quality Ultra HD Video wallpapers

Whether you’ve just picked up a new Android device or say you’ve had one for quite some time, it can become boring if you don’t take time to personalize it. With so many apps, so many phone calls and so much time spent on it, why not take the time to make it even more enjoyable. But while some apps that can help you do these things take too much time, “Ultra” can give you an awesome live wallpaper in seconds. Spice your device up with something full of movement and excitement!

After launch all users are greeted by the app’s open menu style where they can access the app’s many features. It’s from here that users can browse through the general catalog of wallpapers available or may also look through them by categorized sections ranging from collections to purchases. A menu button on the top left-hand side of the screen expands the app for users to check out more options and users even have the ability to search for something particular via the magnifying glass on the top right. When you’re ready to go with the app simply find the wallpaper you like and tap it.

One of the most exciting parts about Android devices is just how much freedom you have when personalizing it. Live wallpapers are exciting but are also an exclusive feature that people like iPhone owners can take advantage of. Get ahead of the game thanks to the “Ultra” app and gain instant access to a huge library of high quality live wallpapers. With over 200 options already available you can outfit your device with anything from the waves of the ocean to speeding cars. When you’ve found the wallpaper you like it, you can favorite it to access it later or save and set it as your wallpaper right then and there to enjoy. It’s easy to use and an awesome way to take your device to the next level.

Making “Ultra” such an awesome application is how easy to use but more importantly the high quality of the live-wallpapers that it provides. Wallpapers were created with the highest amount of clarity in mind so users can set their wallpapers and enjoy seeing them ran at 1920p and 2560p with even vertical 4K coming in the future updates. With support for both high-end and lower quality devices there’s sure to be an awesome wallpaper for anyone. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your device something special!

“Ultra” is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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