Bring Your Device to Life with the Android App S4 Water Pool

Bring Your Device to Life with the Android App S4 Water Pool

Bring Your Device to Life with the Android App S4 Water Pool

Does your device seem boring? Are you tired of looking at the same old wallpaper every time you turn on your device. Well the app S4 Water Pool will give your device a cool live wallpaper with water and fish. Interact with the ripples of the water, tons of different fish and more all while using the same device you know and love.

After download users are able to easily use the application. By accessing the wallpaper menu on your device you’re able to quickly get started. This makes the ability to change your wallpaper to a cool new one just a few short steps away.

While some devices can come preloaded with live wallpapers it’s not uncommon for users to quickly become tired or bored of seeing the same thing. What’s great about S4 Water Pool is that there are tons of options to help keep things fresh. S4 Water Pool gives your device a fully interactive live wallpaper of a pond with fish swimming around. Swipe to different home screens and see the water ripple in that direction. Tap the fish and watch them swim away. The amount of details with these wallpapers are really cool. Make your own patterns in the water, have fun doing whatever you like and see how the water pool reacts.

The fun doesn’t just stop there, users are able to customize their wallpapers however they’d like in tons of ways. Set the strength of the waves of water, add floating plants, the speed of falling rain drops and more. While there is a completely free version of S4 Water Pool available the premium edition comes with even more great features. One of the coolest is the ability to customize the backgrounds of your pool. Take a picture of you and your best friend and set it as your background. Watch as the fish swim and the water flows over your pictures. With even more kinds of fish and other river bed and scene options also available whichever version of S4 Water Pool you choose to download you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Enjoy something cool and new on your device. Watch fish swim and interact with water as you use it everyday. S4 Water Pool is available for free in the Google Play Store for Android devices running Android 2.3 and up. A pro version of S4 Water Pool is also available with even more awesome features for just $1.49.


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