Build, Battle, and Become a Hero in the Android App Rule the Kingdom

Build, Battle, and Become a Hero in the Android App Rule the Kingdom

Build, Battle, and Become a Hero in the Android App Rule the Kingdom

Build your kingdom, battle to protect it, and do so much more in this addicting game for all ages.

Rule the Kingdom is a strategy role playing game that takes players on an adventure in their own kingdoms. After launch users are greeted by a menu to connect the app to Facebook if they’d like. A menu to select the sex and name of your hero then pops on the screen. Shortly after passing these menus players are brought into the game to begin playing. Upon arriving in your kingdom players can quickly notice how beautiful it is. Developers took extreme attention to the look of this game and it’s a nice added touch. On the upper left hand corner of the screen users will find stats about their hero to track. Along the left side of the screen users can access quests. Following the perimeters of the rest of the screen there are lots of buttons for armies, inventory, settings and more.

Rule the Kingdom is an app that combines classic RPG gameplay with city building as well. Having both of these styles in the game is nice, and players have the choice to do whatever they’d like at any time. Controls remain easy as players just tap to navigate and interact throughout the game. Players can choose to remain in their kingdom for as long as they’d like where they can help in improving it. Build farms, and more as you try to get more money and complete the tasks the people of the kingdom ask for help with. Help a lady cook donuts, help grow carrots and more, these are just a few examples of some of the quests players can partake in to earn coins and XP as rewards.

For those looking for action the campaign parts of Rule the Kingdom are for you. Explore different places from the tundra area to the sand kingdom and more. While in these campaigns players will be able to find equipment and more to help make both your hero and army stronger. Help protect the people of the kingdom from dangerous creatures like ogres as you battle them one by one to the death, finishing with an epic boss battle. Use cool battle magic, and cast spells as you work your way to becoming the kingdoms finest hero.

This is an application great for players looking for a good game to sit back and enjoy. Help your kingdom become the best of them all as you progress your way through the game. With the ability to compare game achievements with friends and more social interactions with Facebook and Twitter also available, Rule the Kingdom will definitely be a great addition to your device. Rule the Kingdom is available for free in the Google Play store for all Android devices running Android 2.1 and up. This app is also available in the App Store for all iOS devices for free as well.



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