Build your own fortress and protect your land in app Smart Defender RTS: Christmas

Build your own fortress and protect your land in app Smart Defender RTS: Christmas

Build your own fortress and protect your land in app Smart Defender RTS: Christmas

Are you a fan of the tower defense game series or just a fan of fun games? If so, the application “Smart Defender RTS: Christmas” is a new and exciting game that you should definitely go and check out. Think hard and use strategy as you fight to the finish in this game full of awesome 3D graphics and addicting gameplay.

After launch users are greeted by a screen asking for players to enter in the name they would like to use while in the app. From here players are taken to the main menu. There are three main features that are then made easily accessible thanks to buttons displayed on the middle of the screen; play, settings and exit. The design of the app features dark colors and rugged edge graphics creating a theme very fitting for the genre of the game. When players are ready to get going all they must do is hit the play button to get started.

It’s common for tower defense games in the app store to be either too complicated or too simple, Smart Defender is an application that hits the perfect area in between. Prepare to take on a true challenge as you strategically place towers and more to protect yourself from incoming enemies. There are four available game modes for players to choose from campaign, map creator, testmode, and lastly multiplayer mode. Campaign mode is the best mode fit for letting players get quickly associated with the basics of the game and naturally get started. After first launch of campaign mode players are even introduced by step by step gameplay teaching them how to maneuver through the interface and what exactly it is that they must do to come out on top. An open world is then displayed with your character in the middle of the screen. To move around all you must do is tap where on the screen you would like your character to move. On the top of the screen players can access the menu, coins and time while towers and other buildings can be accessed in the bottom right corner. The objective of the game is simple pick the right towers and forces to keep the enemy from overtaking your land. Tap to add and build your forces and then watch to see the battle unfold right before your eyes. Can you do what it takes to stay alive?

Making Smart Defender so much better than other tower defense games is its gameplay. It’s true that Smart Defender is a strategy game but it’s a strategy game that also captures the essence of survival games as well. Seeing your battles take place, going on action filled adventures and more make this game so much better than others in the app store. Players also get the ability to help survive in the dark worlds in a variety of different modes as well. Create your own maps and let your imagination run wild as you then try to create the challenge then play with them while in testmode. Have friends that would like to join in on the fun? Thanks to multiplayer mode you and your friends get going in no time. It’s clear to see that while in Smart Defender the fun just doesn’t stop. Be prepared to be entertained for hours.

Explore the world, play in the world and protect your world all while in the app Smart Defender. Available for free in the Google Play Store, Smart Defender RTS: Christmas is compatible with all Android devices running 2.3.3 and up.


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