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Everyone can use an extra handy app. How about this one, which reminds you about things you wanted to talk about during a call which you may otherwise forget.

With Call Reminder, you can write reminders and then apply them to individual contacts – so you can set the same reminder to more than one contact, say, if you want to talk to a group of people with whom you are arranging a trip. These reminders then appear on the incoming/outgoing call screen of your android phone, so therefore you don’t forget something important.

Call Reminder is infinitely useful, and provided you write reminders beforehand, you will never miss out an important conversation again!

Rating: ★★★★½

Android Description

Use CallReminder to remind you about something when you talk to a person

Use CallReminder to create and assign a Reminder Note to one or more of your Contacts. Next time you talk to him/her you will see the Reminder Note on the screen.

Remember how many times you forgot to mention something when talking on the phone with a friend?
Then after you closed you remembered there was something else you wanted to talk about?

How many times did you Think: “Next time when I talk to X I should not forget to mention …”

Don’t you wish there was an easy and convenient way to access that information when you need it – at the right moment, when you actually speak over the phone with that person?

Don’t worry about it, CallReminder is here to help. Whenever something crosses your mind and would like to share it with your friend next time you call him/her or they call you – just create a Reminder Note and attach it to one or more contacts from your phone.

Next time you talk to him/her from your cell you will see a nice Reminder Note popping up on the screen.
The Reminder will stay on the Screen during your conversation.

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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