Cameran Android Camera App by Mika Ninagawa

Cameran Android Camera App by Mika Ninagawa

Cameran Android Camera App by Mika Ninagawa

Cameran is a photo editing app for Android designed to bring the best out of all photos taken on your mobile device. The app features comprehensive photo editing tools packaged in an intuitive user interface that lets you edit, capture, and easily share the best moments of your life with friends and family.

You can use the app to take photos with your device’s camera or tap on the import icon on the bottom of the screen to load existing photos from your user library to go straight to the edit screen. Above the camera’s viewfinder you can adjust the flash settings and turn the grid on or off.

After taking a photo or selecting it from your user library, you can begin applying the various filters and photo correction tools in the edit screen. At the bottom of the screen are filter effects such sepia, monochromatic, vintage, and multilayered effects which can be applied one layer at a time the images.

Overlaid on top of the image preview is a color control and image correction button. Tapping on the color control icon opens up a small panel where you can adjust the balance of red, green, and blue hues in the image while selecting the image correction option allows you to change the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the image.

Once you’ve finished making adjustments to your photo you can save it your photo library or post in to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. One cool thing about the sharing options is that each time you share a photo on your social network you are given a free wallpaper which makes you want to keep on using the app.

The app’s clean modern design also makes for a nice user experience and has all the features you need for taking amazing photos on your Android device. Best of all Cameran is free to download from Google Play and is compatible with Android OS 2.3 or above.


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