Can You Survive in Zombie Blaster Android App

Can You Survive in Zombie Blaster Android App

Can You Survive in Zombie Blaster Android App

Kill the Zombie’s in Zombie Blaster Android App

Zombie Master is a 3D first person shooter game for Android that has players shooting their way through a zombie infested town. With 5 action packed levels and a host of different weapons to choose from, this is the ultimate zombie hunting game for anyone looking for a way to kill time and zombies at the same time.

The first level has you shooting zombies in a short game tutorial describing how to use the different game controls. The controls are relatively easy to master – simply tap in the direction you want to fire your weapon and swipe upward to push zombies away from you when they get close.

Throughout the game you’ll have unlimited ammo when using the airsoft gun and also be able to buy weapons such as a revolver, shotgun, flamethrower, and machine gun. The more headshots you get after each level, the more points you’ll have to buy new items from the in game store.

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After clearing the waves of zombies in each level you can go to the map and choose one of the five locations to play in. These include a farm, college, stadium, cemetery, and town. Every new level you unlock will be harder than the previous one so you’ll need to be even faster and use a larger of arsenal of weapons to get rid of the zombies.

While playing, the interface elements will give you information about how your current health, number of waves left, zombies in each wave, and headshots. Depending on how many kills you get, your name will show up on the game leaderboard alongside the ranks of other players from around the world.

Zombie Master is compatible with Android OS 2.0.1 or above and is free to download from the Google Play Store.


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