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Carbodroid is a handy app for those of us who want a good way to keep tabs on how much water we’re drinking. As we all should know, it is extremely beneficial to the body if you drink enough water (approx. 2 liters), and these benefits include clearer skin, improved concentration, easier to lose weight and increased fitness.

With this app, you simply tap the bottle or glass which corresponds to how much water you have had. Throughout the day, the more water you drink, the happier the on-screen droid gets and (hopefully) the happier you get. As well as this, Carbodroid also gives you the occasional notification asking if you have had enough water, which reminds you to have a drink and log it on the app if you haven’t already done so.

The only thing this app could do with is a set of measurements to tell you the quantity of water in each of the cups on-screen as it can be a little difficult to work out which one to select after drinking a glass.

This is a great app to have with you though, and we recommend it to anyone.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Android Description

Stay fit by drinking water!

Do you drink enough water? This free app reminds you to drink water everyday!

Benefits of drinking water:

• You will lose weight more easily (it’s good for your diet)
• Your concentration improves
• You stay in shape, As it’s calorie free
• You can clear up your skin
• You keep your skin and nails healthy
• Your fitness will increase

This app helps you to reach your goal by drinking water in a smart and clever way: with each sip of water you make the droid (and hence yourself) to look happier. Just tap on a cup or bottle of water to track your water drinking habits. Make water a part of your lifestyle and aim to drink 6-8 glasses everyday, equivalent to 2 litres. Drinking water every day, is one of the simplest things that you can do for your health, body and fitness.


• A droid that shares your happiness with you if you drink enough water.
• Quick and easy entry of consumed water quantities
• Cancel last or all entries (history of water)
• Regular reminders to drink water (only during the day)
• Reminders stop as soon as you have reached your target for drinking water
• Alarm sound for reminders

Unlike other apps like noom, 8 cups or trackersavvy this app concentrates on motivating you to drink more water than you did before. Please keep in mind that it is more important to change your drinking habits than to track your water intake ;-)

Requires Android:
2.0 and up

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