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Loyalty cards are a good thing all-round, but it can be a bit of a pain keeping them all with you and shuffling through them to find the right one when you want to use it.

Luckily, Cardmobili is here to solve that problem. Rather than going into stores and picking up a loyalty card, you can get one in the app itself, which is considerably convenient – but as well as that, you can actually present the card on your phone using the barcode or ID number.

Because of this, Cardmobili eliminates the need for a stack of store cards if you are a frequent shopper and also means you can conveniently get a card in your own time rather than waiting in-store for the shop assistant to sort it out.

Incredibly useful, Cardmobili has become one of the best convenience apps on the Market!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Android Description

Your loyalty cards always with you, stored conveniently in your Android phone.

Your rewards and membership cards any place, any time, always with you!

Download the application and try it with some of the available cards. Create your account (using your Android or on the web at and enjoy a service with thousands of loyalty and membership cards from all over the world! The service is totally free!

Main advantages:
- At the store, show the card on your Phone and get all the rewards;
- Identify yourself by the client number or the barcode visible on the screen;
- Search cards by country and categories, including, hotels, airline companies, supermarkets, fashion stores, insurances, technology, services and organizations;
- Keep your children and family cards in your account, and use them anytime you need;
- Safely store all your card data on the web, keep all your data in the cloud, it will be available from anywhere in the world;
- Create your own cards and customize them with an image of your preference (feature available at

- Barcodes may not work on all barcode scanners. Readability depends of the scanner quality;
- Acceptance of the virtual card is only assured with Cardmobili partners.

Requires Android:
1.5 and up
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