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    Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with people around you. If something happens in any part of the world, you can guarantee that you’ll hear about it within a few hours or minutes, all thanks to the power of status updates and hashtags. The latest weapon in the ever-evolving social media […]

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    Body Shop Fitness is an Android Exercise App

    Body Shop Fitness is an Android exercise app designed to give you the body you always wanted. Featuring a number of workouts, an intuitive user interface, and a diet monitor that provides you with daily calorie intake recommendations for healthy weight loss or weight gain, Body Shop Fitness will help you get in shape this […]

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    PaceDJ Running App Review

    Android AppDictions App Review Many folks out there, me included, realize the benefits of regular exercise, running in particular. However, many of us have difficulty finding and/or keeping the motivation needed to benefit. With the advent of the Walkman or Discman (if you are old enough to remember) followed by the iPod and now Android […]

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    Pain Easer Acupressure Android App Review

    Android AppDictions App Review As we get older its inevitable we will experience aches and pains and ailments of all sorts. One method of treatment for these is the eastern medicine rout of acupuncture and acupressure. Android app Pain Eraser from developer JeeJee seeks to give us acupoint treatment advice to try and heal ourselves […]

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    Fit App – Android App Review

    Android AppDictions App Review You have no excuses for not getting in shape if you’re using Fit App! You can tell right away this was designed by fitness professionals with benchmarks and tests such as press up, crunches, sit and reach tests, even heart rate and blood pressure monitors. This app includes all of the […]

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    Carbodroid – Android App Review

    Android AppDictions App Review Carbodroid is a handy app for those of us who want a good way to keep tabs on how much water we’re drinking. As we all should know, it is extremely beneficial to the body if you drink enough water (approx. 2 liters), and these benefits include clearer skin, improved concentration, […]

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    Suppa Time – Android App Review

    Android AppDictions App Review If you are an active person, an athlete or like to work out a lot, then it is important to make sure you keep your sugar and supplement levels steady. That’s where Suppa Time comes in. This handy app allows you to keep track of your intake of vitamins, food etc. Suppa […]