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CellTRAKR is one of those parental control apps – it lets you monitor the usage of numerous phone numbers and set a budget for the amount of texts and minutes used by these numbers. This is useful for parents who worry about their children going over the amount of texts/minutes on their contract and being charged extra as a result.

It doesn’t end there, however. CellTRAKR also allows you to view the location of the cell phones and track which route they took etc. (provided GPS is switched on) so it would therefore be useful if the phone was lost or stolen. It can be used to protect against using the phone when driving, too, meaning you no longer have to worry about someone having an accident due to being on the phone.

CellTRAKR is a great idea and we would recommend it to anyone who worries about loved ones talking while driving or being charged for over-use!

Rating: ★★★★½

Android Description

Track your kids calls, text, email, GPS location, speed, and more with CellTRAKR

Parents, monitor your kids cell phone usage with CellTRAKR. It tracks GPS location and speed, call and text message activity, and even alerts on talking or texting while driving. Monitor users on your PC or smartphone from anywhere.

Perfect for business use too.

Requires Android:
1.5 and up

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