Che Bean Challenges Your Spirit of Freedom! Available in App Store

[MobilePRwire] – Inneres Auge Co. has released its game, Che Bean, to challenge players’ spirit of freedom. With simple, one-touch controls, Che Bean appeals adventure fans to take the path to liberation and discover the leaders inside.

Che Bean tells the story of Che the bean, who jumps out of the ordinary beans’ pan to begin his propagandist adventure for bean independence. His charming figure and heroic actions have determined fellow beans to join his cause, following the path of freedom. The sheriff is on their track, trying to shoot them down and diminish their power. But the more “revobeans” Che Bean will have, the more difficult their defeat will be.

“Che Bean highlights the leader in every player”, said Sergiu Dima, Executive Producer at Inneres Auge Co. “It calls up the spirit of freedom, the desire to express ourselves and make a stand.”

Based on one-touch controls, the simple, yet engaging gameplay makes Che Bean easy to pick up and play. Using their hand-eye coordination and timing their jumps, players will achieve perfection in a short period of time.

“You have to make the perfect moves in order to form your group of followers. Facing obstacles is part of the game, however as you get better, you will be rewarded for your efforts”, said Clay Anderson, one of the beta testers for Che Bean. “It requires concentration and skills and it adds great satisfaction when you see all those beans following you.”

Inneres Auge, based in Bucharest, Romania, is a professional studio activating as a competitive game & app developer in the mobile app industry. Inneres Auge’s
first successful partnership started in 2011, by signing an agreement with Electronic Arts for the title Candy Town, which was published by Clickgamer (an EA division), on the App Store.

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