Child friendly Stack’N Puzzles app challenges and teaches Android App Review

Child friendly Stack’N Puzzles app challenges and teaches Android App Review

Child friendly Stack’N Puzzles app challenges and teaches Android App Review

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Kids may groan at the prospect of learning, but only because they might not have found the perfect medium for them yet. Dress up the lessons in fun activities and it is almost guaranteed that children will jump in without even realizing they are learning new things.

Application developer 77SPARX Studio makes a perfect example of this with their new offering Stack ‘N Puzzles. This puzzle adventure is a great way to exercise a child’s mind while he is having a ton of fun.

The developers have designed a whole interactive world for the players. Help Stack the Beaver put together the city with a series of puzzles. This is a game that needs brain power and quite a bit of patience, as there are over a hundred pieces in a variety of settings.

Stack ‘N Puzzles will teach youngsters not just the skills to complete the puzzles, but also the names and sounds of objects found around the city. When the puzzles are completed, players can actually move and play within the created city. This game has many facets that make it a perfect learning tool for kids. Hidden interactive items are scattered all over the place—in balloons, gift boxes and more. There is even a secret bonus puzzle that can be accessed online.

The appearance of the game is extremely kid-friendly. The main character Stack is adorable and funny, while the backgrounds are vibrant without being too cluttered. Colorful with uncomplicated drawings, the graphics will prove appealing to children of all ages. The texts are large and easy-to-read, so that youngsters in the process of learning will not find it difficult to understand.

Stack ‘N Puzzles is for the iPhone and iPad, and may be purchased at the App Store for $1.99.

Android Description
Join Stack, a beaver who loves to build puzzles, to piece together his city. As your kid plays the game, he or she will also be learning about everything that goes into museum, fire truck, school, buses and a whole lot more!

From the maker of the acclaimed Puzzingo Toddler Educational Puzzle game comes a brand new puzzling adventure!

Stack N Puzzles is a puzzle adventure game designed for young children. Children play with Stack the Beaver through playing series of fun, educational, interactive puzzles. The puzzles have over a hundred pieces that bring your child into Stack’s world – with museums, TRex, Fire Engine, Fire Truck, School, and much more. As children play the games, they learn what different objects are and what they sound like. The best part is, as your kid finishes putting together the city, he or she can then interact and play with Stack’s city – from driving the fire engine to put out fire, to capturing the T Rex. There is plenty of excitement and learning for young kids.

Delight your children and encourage them to touch and explore everything in the 100% interactive illustrations.
• Everything on the puzzles makes a relevant, funny sound
• Shake the Magic Toolbox to find the puzzle pieces
• Drive around the vehicles on the city street
• Pop all the balloons … and pop some more!!
• And, much more!

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

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