Chin Up Android App Review

Chin Up Android App Review

Chin Up Android App Review

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Success is not always found in sure-fire ideas. Oddly enough, innovation plays a large part in being accepted by the market. Everyone is always on the lookout for brand new concepts, and unconventional takes on simple, everyday things.

Well, application developer Touch Village is happy to present Android device users with something kooky and unique to look forward to. The new game Chin Up is an arcade game that is exciting, funny and exceptionally addictive.

Mr. Chin is balanced on a bamboo scaffold, and his precious life is in danger. A host of bizarre objects are constantly raining down on him from above, and he needs help avoiding them. It is the player’s job to keep this construction worker safe from the debris. The objective of the game is exactly that—to keep Mr. Chin safe.

Game play is simple, especially to those who are familiar with any Android device. Tilt your chosen gadget to help Mr. Chin, and watch the nimble Mr. Chin swing from side to side. Controlling the tilt so that Mr. Chin does not fall off the platform may be a little difficult at first, but some practice should make players get the hang of it easily.

There is some variety that will keep users interested and entertained. There are different levels in different settings, from China to Rome. Moreover, the objects falling from the sky is hilariously varied, ranging from scrumptious food to animals.

The graphics of Chin Up are great as well. It is lively, colorful and busy—exactly complimenting the game’s fast-paced excitement. There are no complicated menus so the entire screen is dedicated to the game. It is simple and quick to navigate, so you’ll be able to focus well on your mission.

Chin Up is available for free for a limited time only.

Android Description
FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Rise to new heights in Chin Up, a fast-paced action-arcade game where you must help Mr. Chin avoid dangerous (and bizarre) falling objects by balancing him on a bamboo platform. NOW WITH RETINA GRAPHICS!

“…kooky enough to become a cult hit.” –

“…exciting game that everyone should try.” –

“…can hold its own against the likes of Jetpack Joyride.” –

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At first glance, Chin Up seems like an average game that revolves around balance and fast-paced movements. It’s not until you’re fully immersed in game play that you realize how unique the game actually is!

Chin Up stars Mr. Chin, a nimble construction worker under siege by a torrential downpour of the most bizarre items to ever fall on a construction site. Various food products (sushi, dumplings, bowls of rice), living creatures (fish, dogs, cats, horses), parts of former living creatures (severed cat heads, brains).

As Mr. Chin heads skyward on his bamboo scaffold, you can shift him from one side to the other, tilting the platform and dispatching dangerous debris. You can also swing the platform to position Mr. Chin for a needed power-up or dodge an incoming killer bird. But be careful with that platform or you’ll dump Mr. Chin to the hard ground far below (and then, Mr. Chin will hate you forever). Mr. Chin will travel to construction sites around the world – from The Great Wall of China to Vatican City. Every level has its own unique droppings, as well as a special life meter that reflects that atmosphere.

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

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