Color Me Free App Review

Color Me Free App Review

Color Me Free App Review

Color Me 2 Coloring Book App for Kids AppDictions Review

Recent studies show that infants are appreciative of the different colors they see, positively impacting learning. Naturally, parents have an interest in teaching children about art and the various colors. It may be a bit difficult to do so if you stick with the conventional methods of. Take advantage of the technology we have and use your Android supported gadget to try the Color Me 2 Coloring book app for kids, recommended for ages 2-6. tool app.

Developed by SID On, well known for Puzzle Me and Fat Jump Pro, this coloring book app promises that it will deliver an art lesson, cognitive learning, and fun and educational way to pass time with young children.

Color Me 2 Coloring Book App for Kids Features:

Color Me 2 is essentially a virtual coloring book app for kids. Kids love it, and they use any color they want. With proper assistance, parents can teach children to use the respective colors and have them develop wonderful artwork.

Outside of the sharp, blank, outlined illustrations, ready for your children to fill in, other features include :

  • Picture can be recolored anytime – this is really cool – just shake the device  and it will erase anything you’ve previously made.
  • Save masterpieces so that you can or may have items to brag to your close friends. You may also use it to keep memories.

Color Me 2 Coloring Book App for Kids Appearance & Layout:

The coloring book tool app is very magical in the sense that kids can touch a preferred color and have it spread over a figure. The controls are simple and intuitive and the animation – the way the color fills and scatters over the boundaries is outstanding (especially when you see slowly how the colors added life to it).

Color Me 2 Coloring Book App for Kids Value:

Color Me 2 is currently available on Google Play for $0.99 which is a great value to keep you kids occupied!!

Android Description

Color Me. The best painting app for kids !

A coloring booklet for children at the age of 2-6 years. Diverse pictures and color palette will trigger the development of your child’s imagination and shape his/her senses.
A very friendly and intuitive application enables your child to easily create extraordinary pictures.
Only a touch of a finger and the selected element of the coloring will be filled with colors.
Shaking the phone will cause the cleansing of the picture and therefore provides endless possibilities for coloring of the pictures.
It is also possible to save the masterpieces of your child in the image gallery. Then the child will be able to place them on the desktop of your device..
Allow your child to discover the world of colors by means of “Color Me!”

Requires Android:

2.1 and up

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