Comfi Call International Android App Review

Comfi Call International Android App Review

Comfi Call International Android App Review

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With a phone service that rivals Google Voice, Comfi Calls International, a unique app that allows you to place cheap international calls, saving over 90% on normal rates, is now available on Android devices. Comfi, Inc. a well known online communication company has released this great solution for U.S. based callers making international phone calls.

The interface and functionality is really simple. Launch the app and simply enter your phone number and tap continue to confirm. Here is how the technology works. Comfi assigns a U.S. number for each of your International contacts which are also saved in the address book with the Comfi designation.  Simply select the contact or number you wish to dial and you are connected through the Comfi interface with no dial-in or secret access numbers needed. Also, Wi-fi  or 3G is not needed; you just need to have stable phone service from where you are calling.

Several tabs on the bottom of the app will provide helpful information and get you on your way. The account tab displays your balance and gives you the ability to add funds as well as calling rates to dozens of countries. The recent and favorite tabs allow for even quicker dialing of your most frequent contacts. We gave Comfi Calls International a test run on multiple devices and found no bugs and connected without issue and pretty good sound quality to boot.

Comfi Call International is simple to use and is great for those in the U.S. frequently calling overseas for business or family. Currently the app features a $1 dollar credit, which is somewhere between 40-45 minutes of call time. They also offer a pretty stout referral fee, so if you know of someone who can benefit from this service, but sure to sign them up to receive a nice little kick-back.

Luckily, we did not need to reach customer service, but word on the street is the service is outstanding. While there may be related app’s out there, Comfi Calls has far less issues and complaints of rivals. And as one can see by customer feedback, Comfi Calls International surely is one of the top choices out there for placing international calls with good rates and worry free service.

Android Description
Call friends and loved ones abroad at cheap international calling rates.

- Try It Now And Get $1 Free – Up To 45 Minutes Of Talk Time!
- Save up to 98% on your international phone calls
- Comfi app recognizes and lists all your international contacts
- Enter your phone number and start calling abroad instantly
- Great call quality and excellent customer service
- Earn up to $11 in call time for every person you refer!
- Service only available from United States

Requires Android:
2.0.1 and up

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