ConXfer Makes Contact Transferring Easy

[MobilePRwire] – In the digital world today, safeguarding ones privacy and enabling and streamlining secure information on a trusted mobile network is the key to social society. Personal information must remain safe at all times.

Aferdita Muriqi, Founder and CEO of ADEV Inc, who operates ADEV LAB & STUDIO (@adevLab), developed ConXFer via her innovative mobile development company.

We have all struggled with the unsecured and invasive slow process of a mobile rep taking our phone and waiting longer than we like for our contacts to be transferred from one device to another. What are they doing with our devices? Is the information stored in the device secure? ConXfer is a patent pending wireless, mobile to mobile secure contacts transfer application. It simplifies the process of securely transferring a user’s contacts and mobile business cards from one device to another using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This multi-user app works on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices using IOS 4.2 or higher. The user’s device remains with them the entire time. Personal information is secure and remains in the user’s privacy and control. ConXfer allows the following to happen:
• Enables private, secure and trusted contact exchanges between mobile users
• Users are in full control of their information
• Transfer one, multiple or all your contacts from your address book wirelessly
• Create a custom profile and setup your mobile “m- Business card” in your address book
• Securely share & transfer your m-Business Card wirelessly with other users
• Download, add notes & save business cards from other users in your address book

ConXfer also makes physical business cards a thing of the past. The password-protected app allows you to eliminate the printing and costs of physical business cards by letting you wirelessly transmit your own electronic business card from your mobile device to another user.

ADEV Inc. has the capability to not only build their own apps, but can build an app for commercial or individual development use through a licensing model of encryption and coding. Aspects of the code can be integrated into other apps so businesses or individuals can customize existing apps by using a licensing technology from ADEV’s own apps in order to bolster their global initiative to manage content on a trusted mobile network for secure content exchange.

ADEV Inc. was founded in 2010 by Aferdita Muriqi, Founder and CEO of the ADEV LAB & STUDIO. ADEV Inc. is a mobile application development company. ADEV LAB & STUDIO designs and develops custom mobile products, mobile websites, SEO product landing pages and blog sites to drive branding and awareness. ADEV LAB & STUDIO services range from initial concept, design, development, testing, product delivery and video production focused on innovative mobile applications and promotional solutions.

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