Cool Dog IOS App – Helping to Fight Cancer in Animals!

[MobilePRwire] – GR8iPhoneGames (TLC Productions) introduces Cool Dog 1.0, their fun and addictive game for IOS devices. Raise your hand if you like dogs! Raise your hand if you like challenging mazes! Raise your hand if you like supporting research facilities intent on keeping all animals cancer free! That is everyone, right? So now put your hand down and click the link to Cool Dog and help make a difference in the lives of all animals!

Indie developers, TLC Productions (GR8iPhoneGames) have just re-released their fun and addictive maze game “Cool Dog” for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A percentage of the profits from this game will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation- a facility dedicated to cancer research in all animals – not just dogs.

So get Cool Dog “Darby” and friends to the doghouse with all of the white bones and bonus gold bones and receive big points. But it won’t be that easy – as you will have to work your way through a maze of bushes and trees. And the maze never repeats on any of the three different levels – always a new maze.

Don’t let the easy mechanics fool you into believing that this game is a snap. You will have to explore the maze to find the most efficient route to not only get to the doghouse but to also collect all of the white bones along the way. And you had better keep a watchful eye out for those bouncing tennis balls as they will distract your dog from getting to the doghouse. And to power boost your dog during its run – there are food bowls throughout the maze which will speed up your dog for a set amount of time. Want to give your dog a treat? There are biscuits available which will allow your dog to teleport to any spot within the maze.

As an extra incentive – unlock two of Darby’s other Shiba Inu* friends for extra features. The red dog can leap over 5 barriers in the maze per game and the black & tan dog can move super fast through the maze and those tennis balls will have no effect.

You will always have a new maze for every game play so it’s a new game every time. Cool Dog will give your hours of fun play as you try to better your score every time you play. Better your time – and receive bonus points. More bonus points – more options become available to you. Post to Facebook or tweet to Twitter and compare scores with your friends.

* The Shiba Inu – Little Brushwood Dog is the smallest of the six original breeds of dog from Japan. With a spirited boldness, a good nature, and an unaffected forthrightness, which together yield dignity and natural beauty. The Shiba has an independent nature and can be reserved toward strangers but is loyal and affectionate to those who earn its respect. It is one of the few ancient dog breeds still in existence in the world today.

TLC Productions (aka G8iPhoneGames) is based in Mission Viejo, CA and was established in Oct 2011. Our games are not only about creating fun and excitement but also about giving back to our community. As is the case with Cool Dog – a portion of our profits from this game will go to both a research facility focused on making all animals healthy and happy and also to our local Shiba Inu Rescue group.

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