Create an Army & Save the World with Dark Summoner for Android

[MobilePRwire] – Japan based Ateam Inc. today announces the launch of Dark Summoner onto Google Play. Originally a #1 downloaded and selling RPG game on iPhone, Dark Summoner throws players into a bitter war against hundreds of ghastly beasts, ghouls, and Legendary Dark Lords! Gamers step into the wardrobe of a Dark Summoner and are charged with building up an army of allies, gathering up powerful creatures to fight with, and finally eradicating the woes of their ghostly fantasy realm!

Ateam Inc., an innovative mobile app developer, is excited today to announce that Dark Summoner is now live and available to gamers on Google Play! Compatible with all Android devices, Dark Summoner is a wickedly engrossing new turn-based fantasy battle bonanza. Stepping into the shoes of the titular Dark Summoner,players are set to battle the forces of evil! Gamers must be strategic, build up an army of
allies and gather up powerful creatures to fight with if they hope to pull the tides of this fantastical war in their favor. Featuring over 700 unique monsters, a wealth of original game content to discover, and time-tested RPG battle-play infused with awe inspiring CGI animations, this game redefines the mobile fantasy gaming genre. Dark Summoner is now available for download for free on Google Play in the Games category.

Dark Summoner’s gameplay is as intuitive as it is exciting. The player’s mission is simple:

Choose a guild to follow, become more powerful and collect new allies by moving from one mission to the next, and ultimately bring order to the game’s dark fantasy world with the strength of the loyal creature legion they’ve assembled! Strategy is the key here, as players must defeat creatures and Legendary Dark Lords in battle before they agree to join their ranks. Players can also sacrifice lesser creatures and harness their life force to make their most fearsome monster even more powerful!

Dark Summoner was created to give mobile gamers access to fantasy battling excitement in the spirit of classic card games, while harnessing the full advantage of its digital platform to make gameplay more seamless, engaging, and cinematic. The game’s monster Summoning and Sacrificing moments are complete with haunting, professionally executed CGI sequences too.

Furthermore, the game itself is continually updated with new monsters to find and new special events for players to get in on! Ready for the most immersive mobile gaming experience you’ve ever encountered? If so, then download Dark Summoner, take your place in front of the Dark Gates, and get on the warpath against a fantastic world of monsters, ghoulish creatures, and evil Dark Lords right now.

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