Create Awesome Finger Characters Using FingerFace Android App

Create Awesome Finger Characters Using FingerFace Android App

Create Awesome Finger Characters Using FingerFace Android App

Bring Your Fingers to Life with FingerFace Android App!

Photos have always been the best way to capture the emotion of a moment for as long as cameras have been around. With the surge of photo editing apps becoming more noticeable and common in pictures taken today, there are now plenty of ways to turn photos into creative masterpieces, even if it involves taking a picture of your fingers.

Finger Face a photo editing app for Android that gives you the ability to turn your fingers or other photos in your library into a fun characters. The app comes with an extensive collection of props, stickers, and a variety of different comical add-ons you can apply to any picture.

Once opened you are greeted with a very colorful welcome message that shows you how to use the app in three steps. You can import images from your library or use any installed camera apps on your device to capture photos into the user interface. While taking pictures there’s a “retake” option that appears on the bottom of the screen which allows you to take multiple photos before saving.

Similar to Instagram and other photo editing apps for Android, crop the image to fit in the boxed format. After importing your image, you can begin adding the different designs by selecting them from one of the 5 boxes below that include facial expressions, hair, accessories, clothes, and other miscellaneous items.

Moving the different objects around the image is very fluid and the “fine controls” make it easier to adjust the positioning, angle, and size of each element. The editing process offers a comprehensive amount of options to get the final image looking how you want it to.

When you’re done editing a picture, the app gives you the option of saving it to your gallery, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account which is great for sharing your creations with friends. Finger Face works with any device running Android OS 3.2 or above and is an amusing photo editor. Download the app for free today by visiting the Google Play Store.


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