CulinartMedia’s Great Maine Food App Now Aavailable for iPhone

Developed by CulinartMedia for Down East: The Magazine of Maine, Great Maine Food is now available for download on your iPhone. It provides a complete guide of culinary eateries, institutions and must-see’s in Maine’s Southern Coast, Greater Portland, Mid-coast and Acadia and is loaded with features, including over 100 recipes.

Providing a comprehensive list of restaurants, culinary events, specialty stores, wineries and breweries, and inns with fine dining and cooking schools, Great Maine Food is the ultimate app for preparing for a visit to this renowned destination. The app provides regularly updated event details and a wide scope of information on everything from upscale to family dining to seaside hot-spots. The best local pubs and menus are featured in Great Maine Food, along with an in-depth listing of gourmet and specialty shops.

For those who can’t find the time to escape to The Pine Tree State, Great Maine Food offers, with its extensive presentation of recipes, a chance to conveniently recapture the culinary magic of Maine cooking; culinary magic that has tickled the taste buds of foodies all over the US and beyond. With Great Maine Food, the taste of Maine is at your fingertips.

The iPhone app is fully downloadable with no wait times or connections needed to import recipes or other features, making access to recipes, favorites and shopping lists quicker and easier. Maine destinations are also clearly and conveniently marked with the use of Google Maps.

The iPhone app is also available as iPad and iPod versions, and all versions will be updated on a regular basis to keep the information fresh and current.

Feature Highlights:
* Descriptions of key ingredients with photographs
* Ingredient calculator that determines exact quantity of ingredients for specific recipes, according to the number of people served
* Built-in timer that lets you know when food is ready
* Flexible and innovative shopping list generation
* Instructional cooking videos with cooking tips and step-by-step recipe preparation instructions
* Recipe sharing via Facebook and email
* Google Map features with culinary destinations clearly marked
* “Editor’s Pick” recommendations

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 200 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Great Maine Food is currently available at the App Store in the Lifestyle category for a purchase price of $2.99 USD.

Down East is a multimedia company based in Rockport, Maine, devoted to celebrating “Maine at its Best.” Founded in 1954, the company’s flagship publication, Down East: The Magazine of Maine is synonymous with the state itself and today ranks as Maine’s premier Magazine with more than 400,000 readers. Since 1977, Down East has also published books by the state’s best authors, artists, and chefs with a list of more than 800 books published to date. Down East Books recently was named Publisher of the Year by the New England Independent Booksellers Association. Down East’s first iPhone app, Great Maine Food has become a perfect extension into mobile media, featuring coastal Maine’s extraordinary food.

CulinartMedia, Inc., a US and German based software developer, specializes in developing revolutionary culinary apps and software that offer users heightened skills and techniques to increase their cooking capabilities. Great Grilling creator, CulinartMedia, is climbing the ranks of culinary apps, and is quickly making a prominent stamp on the food world. CulinartMedia is focused on creating user-friendly apps that appeal to both professional chefs and the broad population. Copyright (C) 2011 CulinartMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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