Dogfight Android App Review

Dogfight Android App Review

Dogfight Android App Review

Android AppDictions App Review

It’s time to strap yourself into the open cockpit to portray one of the brave (and frankly, crazy) pilots of a classic World War I era combat aircraft with the Dogfight app for Android.

Developer Echoboom Apps serves up flight simulation in style. The impressive graphics and realistic and altering weather effects add to the realism of the game. Choose between several classic WWI aircraft and take to the skies, or thrive and purchase additionally powerful aircraft. Single player is a great way to adapt to the interface, but the real fun lays in the multi-player mode.

Something can also be said for the nostalgic feel of the game. We’ve become so accustom to flying late model aircraft at supersonic speeds while carrying modern artillery. Dogfight brings us back to an era where mission success and quite honestly, survival rate, was largely dependent on the skill of the pilot, or in this case the player.

A few basic instruments and controls comprise the navigation. The flight control is a bit difficult – we  feel this is worth mentioning – though, at the same time, this is a combat flight simulation app featuring fairly primitive combat aircraft – so one could argue this is indeed realistic and not a burden.

With the short time we had to acclimate to Dogfight, we felt comfortable in the game play and that we were heading the right direction. However, to become a true “Top Gun” will probably take you a few days to weeks. Fortunately, Dogfight is a solid enough production to offer a ton of replay value to keep the player coming back, and probably eventually even addicted!

If you were searching for a multiplayer combat flight simulator, download Dogfight for Android devices, and check one off your list!

Android Description
Play online massive airplane dogfights or enjoy flying solo.

“Totally awsome! Great graphics. 5*” – Aspen
“Really fun! Nice controls and not easy, worth the money” – Tom
“Awesome i will never get rid of the great game” – Joe
“Can’t get better than this if you are looking for a good multiplayer online game… Very pleased – Brennon

Dogfight is a WWI based multiplayer airplane game & action packed!

Fly through training levels all the way up to full-blown dogfights against enemy planes. Playing alone is fun but the real fun is going multiplayer against your friends.

Note: The trial period includes one training level and one airplane.

If you have any requests/complains please visit forums.
I keep track of all requests and complains and fix them on each release.

(Samsungs with Android < 2.2 are not supported. Upgrade using Samsung Kies or

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

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