DU Speed Booster Android App

DU Speed Booster Android App

DU Speed Booster Android App

With mobile apps becoming increasingly complex, having a powerful device to keep up with the latest release is an important thing to consider. However, if you still have a phone that isn’t the fastest, DU Speed booster is an app that will help you squeeze every last bit of performance out of your device and make it operate faster than ever before.

The app’s clean user interface is accessible from the home screen of your device and comes with several useful features to improve the performance of your apps. The app comes with a speed accelerator, trash cleaner, and advance app manager that lets you open apps using DU speed booster. This results in you saving time every day and optimizing your app usage.

The first thing you’ll be asked when you open the app is whether you want to make your phone faster, free storage space, or remove unnecessary apps. Tapping on one of the options will take you to the speed accelerator, advanced app manager, and trash cleaner respectively. In the speed accelerator screen, you can access the process manager to free up memory and processes on your device, or use the auto-start manager to enable or disable selected apps.

The trash cleaner, as the name suggests, allows you to remove trash files on your device. Simply tap on Smart Scan and the app will scan through your entire device to determine how much trash needs to be cleaned out. Once the scanning process is done, you’ll be able to select the individual trash items you want removed and clean them by tapping on the option on the top half section of the screen.

You can also manually remove all your installed apps by using the advanced app manager, which lets you view all your installed apps, manage your APK, and move apps to your SD card. These are usually features that you are offered as separate apps, so seeing everything in one place like this definitely helps out a lot when managing the performance of your phone.

Lastly, DU Speed booster also comes with a game booster which is designed to increase the performance and frame rates of graphically intensive games. To use it, simply drag the game on your home screen to the DU Speed booster icon and the game will be “boosted” for you. Alternatively, you can let the app automatically scan your device for games and run them through the interface once they’ve been detected.

DU Speed booster is free to download from the Google Play store and requires Android 2.1 and up.


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