DuckTwist – Rotate Your Device 360 Degrees!

[MobilePRwire] – NadNed Games released a new game for the iPhone and iPod touch – DuckTwist. In DuckTwist you control a small duckling on his quest to return to his family. DuckTwist introduces an innovative control scheme where you rotate your device in 360 degrees to control the direction of the duckling. The game also features gorgeous rendered images along with beautiful music to provide a fun and refreshing experience to players of all ages.

A small duckling is trying to get back to his family. Help him in this exciting new game for the iPhone and iPod touch! Control the duckling by rotating the device in 360 degrees! Challenging levels will keep you on your toes as you tackle turns and obstacles trying to keep the duckling on his path.

Key features:
- Innovative controls! Rotate the device in 360 degrees.
- 3 scenes with different atmospheres and obstacles.
- 30 levels, each with 3 levels of difficulty.
- Gorgeous graphics.
- Beautiful music and sound effects.
- Adorable duck you won’t get enough of!

NadNed Games is a new company that develops original games for mobile platforms.

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