EasyPPT is a PowerPoint Viewer App for Android

EasyPPT is a PowerPoint Viewer App for Android

EasyPPT is a PowerPoint Viewer App for Android

EasyPPT is a PowerPoint viewer app for Android that lets you edit and view your presentations wirelessly. The app connects directly to PC giving you unlimited access to your presentation whether at work or at home.

In order to use this app you’ll first have to download the easyppt exe file from the developer’s website then install it on your PC. From the software’s main screen you can select whether to download a file from your PC or have one sent to your phone.

Depending on the option you select, you’ll be given an IP address for your PC which you will then have to enter in the app’s main menu. After entering the details you can open up the PowerPoint presentation and view it as it appears on your PC screen.

You can tap on the arrows to move to the next and previous slides and use the edit tools on the left panel to add text or draw on your presentation. As you draw on your device’s screen the same drawing will also appear on your PC screen in real time and you can also use the eraser tool to make changes as you go along.

In addition to the edit tools, there’s a camera feature that allows you to take pictures with your device’s camera so that they appear on your PC screen. This can come in handy in situations where you need to make last minute changes such as adding pictures to different slides of your presentation.

Once you get past the initial installation and IP setup, this app is really easy to use. Although it does a good job of displaying PowerPoint presentations on your device, the interface does not look that great and prevents this app from being as intuitive as it can be. So, if you’re not concerned about design and more about functionality then this app will be perfect for you.

EasyPPT works on any Android device with OS 2.3.3 or above installed and is free to download from Google Play.

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