Endeavor Brothers Announces A Must Have Game

Regina, Saskatchewan –  Experience The Adventures Of Retrobot, a new and must have game from Endeavor Bros. and Monkube, for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

The Adventures of Retrobot (TM), fuses tank shooter gameplay and fantastic boss battles with a full one hundred panel comic book. The game was co-designed by Canadian indie developer Endeavor Bros and Belgian indie game creator Monkube (TM). Ingame art as well as comic creation is handled by comic book publisher Ape Entertainment and full production is handled by Monkube (TM). The Adventures of Retrobot (TM) features strategic elements like a charge shot and a shield and is fused with a comedy story holding an abundance of jokes referring to classic videogames, as well as videogame logic.

The Story

In 2025, humanity has shifted menial tasks to a network of automated robots. In the small town of Fairfax, Arizona, we find Retrobot, a hand-built robot and hero of our story. He has been created by Spencer, a socially handicaped genius, 32 years of age, and still living with his grandmother. Retrobot was built to handle all work, but is mainly used for one thing: playing co-op online videogames with his master and creator. After a big server crash, an army of automated robots takes control of the world. They come and kidnap Spencer, whoʼs robot building skills are deemed a threat to their domination. 

Together with Toto, Spencerʼs pet monkey, Retrobot rolls out into the world in an attempt to find and return his master.

Playable at the Ape Entertainment booth.

The Adventures of Retrobot was showcased and a demo version was playable at the San Diego Comic Convention, at booth #1804 “Next to Pocket God and 6th Planet, The Adventures of Retrobot is another step in securing our number one spot in the mobile game/comic book cross media world. The story behind this franchise, including its cosplay characters and videogame humor, will once more narrow the gap between both industries.”
David Hedgecock – C.E.O. – Ape Entertainment.

Help from the community 

Monkube and Endeavor Bros are aware that the success of The Adventures of Retrobot depends not only on the strength of its gameplay, but also on the quality of its videogame related jokes. That why we’re using Kickstarter ( fund an extra layer of polish, and to assemble a group of proof readers. They will be divided into groups and will each get access to one scene.

Based on a questionaire, we will then refine our videogame jokes. And if they can really top our team of writers, we’re even willing to go back to the drawing board and do their joke instead.

In the end, the best jokes will make the cut. This will result in the best possible game, and will give a group of a happy few a slot in the writing credits of our game and comic book.

Endeavor Bros. is an Entertainment Media company based in Canada. We develop and publish games for mobile devices. Our central platform is the iPhone and all IOS related devices. We also support other mobile platforms such as Android, the 3DS and the PSP as well as online platforms such as the Xbox and PSN networks.

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