Enjoy a Calming Live Beach Wallpaper with the Android App My Beach Free

Enjoy a Calming Live Beach Wallpaper with the Android App My Beach Free

Enjoy a Calming Live Beach Wallpaper with the Android App My Beach Free

Does your device have a home-screen that seems to always bore you? Do you often find yourself daydreaming about a vacation on the beach? If so, the application “My Beach Free” is an application you will definitely want to check out. Transform your device into a customizable fun beach setting in just seconds all with this great app. Enjoy the fun in the sun today!

All settings when dealing with the My Beach Free live wallpaper can be easily accessed under your devices wallpapers section. From here users can find everything they’ll need to be able to create the exact beach experience that they’d prefer to have.

The beach is a place we all like to enjoy but we can’t always go there due to busy schedules and hectic lives. With the application My Beach Free you can bring aspects of the serenity of the beach and set it as your background. A live wallpaper this means that instead of being a still photo as your background users can actually notice moving parts of the picture while in use. Watch the crashing of the waves as they move back and forth from the shore. Enjoy watching the clouds slowly move in the background. No more boring pictures and no more complicated settings either. With My Beach Free you can simply tap the wallpaper and sit back and watch the rest unfold before you.

Making My Beach Free so much better than other live wallpapers is just how customizable it is. Users can select from a variety of different themed backgrounds each one with their own unique pieces. Go from a private beach to a shark sighting beach in seconds and enjoy having something new and fresh on your device. Change the scene by the touch of a button. Change the bucket colors, sun types, ball types and so much more however you’d like. If there’s something you wouldn’t like on your beach no worries you can uncheck its box to add or remove it. Whatever you’d like while on your beach you can have it while using My Beach Free.

Don’t go on using boring wallpapers anymore, enjoy the serenity of a calming beach all while on your device. My Beach Free is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.1 and up.


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