Enjoy a New Twitter Experience on your Device with the Android App Fynch

Enjoy a New Twitter Experience on your Device with the Android App Fynch

Enjoy a New Twitter Experience on your Device with the Android App Fynch

Fynch is a twitter extension application that scans your timeline to create the most enjoyable experience for every user. No more having to look at the tweets that you don’t really care about and more, Fynch can make this possible in seconds.

After launch users are quickly able to get into the app. By signing into your twitter account the app goes to work. Holding a clean design everything is easy to access. From the top of the screen users can find the apps logo, the number of available fynches, a refresh button and more.

While the app store is crowded with twitter client applications, Fynch steers away from that path by rather being a tool to use for Twitter. While allowing you to use your original twitter app, Fynch gives you the opportunity to view twitter in a fun and useful way. After signing in, the application will begin providing you with what are called “fynches”. These are activities that the application has monitored and found from the accounts you follow when studying your timeline. Different fynches can include tweeting in bulk in a short amount of time, tweeting when the account hasn’t in a while, tweets that contain trending topics and more. By filtering and condensing the content of your timeline users are able to see the important things of their timelines quickly and easily.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of tweets on your timeline again, Fynch can fix that. When you’ve found a fynch that you would like to check out just tap it. From here users are shown the account in a minimalistic form and can quickly see the information they care about. If you would like to favorite, reply to, or retweet the tweets you find users are then shown the same tweet in their normal twitter application. The more you use Fynch the smarter it gets at finding out about the things that you care to read about. By using smart algorithms its able to learn and take note of activities that you look at and ignore. This makes your future experiences with the app more enjoyable and catered to your interests.

With the ability to select how many fynches you would like to be shown, customize notification settings and even more, this is an application you’ll want to check out. Stay informed of all the things you care about thanks to Fynch’s data mining technology and organized fynches. Download this app for a new take on twitter browsing today. Fynch is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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