Enter a Realm of Fantasy and Fun in the App Legend Online: Dragons

Enter a Realm of Fantasy and Fun in the App Legend Online: Dragons

Enter a Realm of Fantasy and Fun in the App Legend Online: Dragons

Legend Online: Dragons is a fresh new take on the SLG/RPG game genre. Play as your own warrior and get ready to explore, battle and so much more. Do you think you can become the best of the best?

After launch users are brought to the main menu where they can take some of the initial steps into getting started. Greeted by a start button, options to change style and other features, all players are able to customize their experience to their own liking. Players are able to then scroll through warriors and select their own to play with throughout the game. Add your own name to your warrior as a brief update on the story of the game is then shown. The Devil has once again struck havoc and it’s your warriors job to help clean up the aftermath and protect your city. With classic RPG controls you and others must take to the land to battle.

Making Legend Online: Dragons so fun for players is how open the game is for to explore. Upgrade your heroes’ abilities to help them get better or take the time to obtain more weapons and protect your city. Whatever you choose to do it’s always nice to have a sense of freedom throughout the game. While playing players can find the majority of everything they need from one screen within their city. In the center of the screen players can simply tap the portal to switch back and forth from where their battles will take place. Across the bottom of the screen are buttons for mall, hero, quest, skill, troops and a shortcut to travel. Within the quests menu players can find exactly what they need to do to progress through the game. One thing that helps keep the game fresh are daily missions. Having something new to do everyday is both fun and exciting for all players to look forward to.

While building your hero and warriors up can be a lot of fun actually putting them into battle is by far the best. Battles take place turn by turn as your warriors take on the enemy blow after blow automatically. Dungeons and team fights, titan battles with unbelievable bosses the fun just doesn’t stop. Bring your city to the top one step at a time in this extremely addicting app.

There’s something for everyone in Legend Online: Dragons. If you’re looking for a great game to sit back and play this is the one for you. There are up to three major classes for players to start from and work their way through. Whether a hardcore gamer or an occasional player this is an app you’ll enjoy. Legend Online: Dragons is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android Devices running Android 2.3.3 and up.


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