Exciting New Childs Game iSmarty Now Available in App Store

[MobilePRwire] – iSmarty is a brand new interactive HD game that unites education and fun for young children using the iPad or iPhone. It features 15 beautifully animated and friendly animals with professional voices. The challenge of these educational games is for the child to find the Mother’s pup and bring it home to her.

The child can choose from three different animals and is rewarded when they find and help the little one get back to its Mother. The child receives praise and a sticker of the little creature they saved.

These games for kids stands out from the rest of the games for toddlers in that it can give hours of fun for a young child and provide much needed rest for parents. This is because a child can play these, iPad games or iPhone games on their own. They are so simple with their intuitive interface that a child could play the game without assistance and really master the touchscreen. Also, the game has a special menu for parents, which can be accessed on the page with stickers.

There are five different scenes all beautifully animated. The child will have so much fun on each stage that they will eagerly anticipate going to the next one. There are flying birds and butterflies that create a cartoon atmosphere and make the child feel that they are in a dreamland. The game teaches young children all about caring for others and helping somebody when they are in trouble. It also lets them empathize with the lost young animal and share the joy of its return to its Mother. The touch screen and learning how to use it improves co-ordination and fine movement.  The game is the first mobile app of its kind that brings love and fun to a child’s world.

The company is planning to keep making great apps for kids and just recently added iSmarty to the Android Marketplace.

A Company officer was heard to say “iSmarty is going to bring loads of fun to kids and teach them about love and fun as well.” Word in the office is “If your kid has not tried iSmarty they have missed out on a great experience.”

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